Our Patent-Pending, Marketing Gamification Process

Customer Loyalty with Behavior Psychology, Game Theory & Digital Technology


Engage Across Channels

Engage fans and customers with Gamified content such as Brand Quizzes, Crosswords, Contests - across physical stores and business locations, web sites, e-commerce stores, mobile and social media channels - the place where all the business is!

Induce Excitement

Add fun and excitement to your customers' buying process with smart posts, contests and sweepstakes, integrated with mobile apps, e-commerce stores and social fan pages. Turn fan pages to digital play field - where your customers play. And your business wins!

Gratify Instantly

Instantly award brand points and virtual currency - not just when they buy from you, but also for completing various brand actions such as taking quizzes, referring friends or simply sharing your posts on social media.

Enable Flaunting

Award ranks, medals and titles on completion of specific levels and milestones. Link achievements to premium buying levels and higher benefits. Recognize and announce customer achievements on mobile and social channels.

Foster Competition

Turn loyalty into team sport. Foster competition with Leaderboards and Challenges. Let customers compete among themselves, for a higher position on the Loyalty Ladder. In their zeal and excitement to reach a higher position on the leaderboard, customers not just buy from you, but also make your brand viral on mobile and social media.

Trigger Buying Emotion

Excite customers with value deals, offers, promotions, post-purchase rewards and sweepstakes. Limit coupon count to create urgency, use scarcity marketing and exclusive early privileges to create demand for your products and services.

Strengthen Propensity

Convert points and virtual currency earned from brand contests, quizzes and challenges, into discounts and offers. Earned discounts have strong emotional connect and result in higher conversion rates.

Justify Loyalty Behavior

Add fun and excitement to the buying process. Reward every purchase with points, paybacks, raffles, lucky draws and sweepstakes. Empower customers with differentiated rewards and choice of redemption.

Provide Social Approval

Acknowledge customers through shareable social posts, which they can flaunt on their social and digital profiles. The bragging right gives them fame. Likes from friends justifies loyalty behavior and creates an unbreakable bond with your brand.